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There’s a whole world of houses out there — including the perfect one for you!

A Realtor With An Eye For Details.

A lot of houses might look great, but how can you tell if it’s structurally sound? Or if there’s any hidden damages or problems that could end up costing you big money down the road? To spot these small details, you need to have a trained eye to find a home.

With years of experience in home construction and improvement, I bring an inspector’s eye to every showing I do — working hard to give you as much information as possible about the condition, workmanship, and potential problem areas in every house.

Hidden Damage

Is there termite damage in the structural wood? Mold or Mildew in the drywall? I know the telltale signs for spotting these
hidden headaches.


Those custom windows might look nice, but do they require expensive special repairs if they’re ever damaged? Is the masonry on the chimney up to par? I’ll give my honest evaluation of all workmanship issues I see.

Neighborhood Information

The house seems nice, but are you looking beyond the cosmetic details? You might not be – but I am! And I always share my extensive knowledge of property and neighborhood conditions with you.

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