Hi, I'm Vasili

Your luxury real estate agent

What do you imagine when
you think of a realtor®?

Are you picturing a pushy, stuffy, uptight salesperson? It’s OK if you are — that’s a common (and probably well-earned) stereotype. I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way when choosing a real estate agent.

I’ve worked hard to break that mold. You don’t want to spend your day with an aggressive salesman who annoys you with their interior decorating tips. What you really need is a partner — a trusted friend who can guide you through the confusing world of real estate and help out with expertise in home construction and improvements. I’ll work with you help you understand houses inside and out, all while advocating to get you the best deal.

Illinois real estate neighborhood

Hundreds of sales
negotiated since 2003.

Buyer or seller, regular sale or corporate markets — I have the experience to get you the
right deal.

16 years of Home Improvement Experience

With my expertise in home improvement and construction, it’s like having an inspector with you at each showing!

250+ Construction Projects Overseen

From roofing and window installation to commercial and residential project management, I’ve been involved in every aspect of construction.

Five Star
Real Estate Agent

I take pride in Illinois real estate. I strive to give the best service to all my clients, and my reviews prove it.

Fun Fact:
I’m a 2nd Degree Black Belt in US Krav Maga

I take pride in fighting for the best deal on your behalf!


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